Welcome to the Stout Antique and Fine Furniture website. What began as a hobby turned into a business for the owner Jerry Stout who now opened his first store at 911 NW 79th Street in Oklahoma City, OK. Jerry wants to share his collection of centuries old antiques along with nearly new fine furniture to the public, interior designers, dealers and to all who share the same passion for antique and nearly new furniture.

Most of the antiques come from Europe and some may date back several centuries. The nearly new furniture comes from various locations around the country. The primary goal for Stout Antique and Fine Furniture is to offer high quality antiques and nearly new furniture at affordable prices.

If you would like more information about our business please contact us through our contact page on our website. We can e-mail you notifications for sales, auctions, estate sales and other special item and sale information. We keep all information private and will never sell any information to anyone for any purpose (i.e. marketing, advertising). We will use social media such as e-mail and facebook to advise customers of new items, sales etc. but we will not bombard our customers with e-blasts every day which can be extremely annoying.

If you are not able to come by during normal business hours, you can schedule an appointment to see our items at 405-286-5688. We have a local delivery service available which we can arrange pickup and delivery of items purchased. This company is bonded and insured and they work with other furniture companies in the Oklahoma City area. We hope to see you soon.